Helia Shahmiri

Former Intern

Helia undertook an internship with the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme in partnership with Resilient Melbourne team hosted by the City of Melbourne. Resilient Melbourne is part of the global challenge 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation – which is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping cities around the world build resilience to the economic, social and physical challenges that are increasingly part of the 21st century.

Helia has 3+ years’ experience of working as an Urban Designer in and for the public sector in Tehran, Iran. Helia’s work has specifically involved community-led urban regeneration of urban degraded areas and Informal settlements, urban design projects in cities’ historical cores with the aim of conservation the cultural heritages and improving the urban life, also contextual and vernacular Architecture.

Her internship role was working on the Urban Biodiversity and City Resilience Network Exchange, hosted by Resilient Melbourne, involving preparation of technical background material, assisting with the event and working with the project team from Resilient Melbourne and 100 Resilient Cities to create Exchange outputs.

Helia has a Bachelor’ in Architecture and a Master’s in Urban Design. She speaks Persian (Farsi) as her native language and English. She is also learning French.