Howard Nielsen

Global Advisor

  • Behaviour Change
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Leadership for Sustainability

Howard Nielsen is an experienced sustainability practitioner and consultant with a reputation for enabling real change in communities and organisations. Howard’s core strength is in designing and facilitating processes which build people’s confidence and capacity to meet the challenges of sustainability. Howard has worked with organisations, communities and businesses in areas which span across highly urbanised, rural, regional and remote areas, including refugee groups, indigenous populations and mainstream populations. He has designed and facilitated grass roots engagement processes city-wide and also nationally and regionally, having overseen the development of regional sustainability plans in one of Australia’s largest local government regions.

He is now Managing Director of renowned consultancy NACC Sustainability. Howard also co-created Green Street as a way of stimulating sustainable practice in households and businesses, which is an endorsed resource of the Global Compact Cities Programme. Apart from his practical community-based experiences, he holds two Master’s degrees and a number of other academic qualifications in business, education, sustainability and training. He has also spoken at various world and regional conferences on these topics.

Howard is based in Brisbane, Australia.