Diego Velasco von Pilgrimm

Global Advisor

  • Diplomacy
  • International Affairs
  • Business Strategy

After a 35-year long career as a diplomat with the Foreign Service of Chile, Diego Velasco von Pilgrimm is now the Deputy Director for the Asia Pacific Region at the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has been working in foreign service since graduating from the Academia Diplomática Andres Bello, one of Latin America’s most prestigious diplomatic academies. Diego has served as the Deputy Chief of Mission and Consul in Indonesia (concurrent in Brunei Darussalamand and later in Timor Leste), the Philippines, Singapore, Kenya, Thailand (concurrent in Lao and Cambodia) and, until 2014, as Consul-General of Chile in Melbourne and Dean of the Consular Corps Melbourne. During this time, he also opened the Embassy of Chile to Malaysia.

In Chile, Diego has served as the Deputy Director for Global Affairs for the Chilean Federal Government and was one of Chile’s two APEC Roving Coordinators. As a motivational speaker and occasional university lecturer, Diego is interested in international affairs strategy and business with a “win-win cooperation”approach. He is also a dedicated advocate for the integration of the Austral shores of the Pacific, strengthening ties between South America and Asia and the international student exchange programme. He is also viewed as a strong advocate of sustainability and corporate social responsibility as means of enhancing the development of cities and rural communities.

Diego is based in Santiago, Chile.