Helen Scott

Research Associate

Helen Scott is a sustainability professional and researcher who is leading a study for the Global Compact Cities Programme focused on city-specific research that provides guidance to city decision-makers about how they can influence the private sector within their borders. She was also the Acting Director of the Cities Programme for a period in 2014.

Helen has a diverse background and has worked in the business, state and local government, not-for-profit and education sectors. Helen enjoys working with organisations to translate complex sustainability principles into practical, robust processes to integrate sustainability into their planning, operations and decision-making. Her broad-based urban sustainability experience covers many areas, including urban sustainability planning, indicators and public agency sustainability reporting, as well as climate mitigation and climate resilience.

Helen’s research interests focus on how best to engage individuals and groups of people to modify behaviour towards a more sustainable approach to living and working. Her focus to date has involved the approach of working through local government mechanisms within cities, but she is also interested in the mechanisms to facilitate involvement of the private sector in urban sustainably outcomes. She is particularly interested in urban areas in the Asia Pacific region and the nexus of sustainability and resilience.

Helen has over 15 years of project and programme management experience, including stakeholder engagement, and is a recognised trainer across a range of sustainability issues. She has authored/co-authored several publications, including:

  • A technical background paper for the United Nations Development Programme – Climate Change and Vulnerability of People in Asian Cities (Scott, ICLEI).
  • Carbon Offset Providers in Australia 2007 (Scott & Ribon).
  • Climate Change Adaptation Guidelines for Ports (Scott, McEvoy, Chhetri, Basic, Mullet).