People for Cities

International Secretariat

The UN Global Compact - Cities Programme is administered by an International Secretariat, which has been hosted by RMIT University in Melbourne Australia since 2007. Staff of the International Secretariat have a range of roles across project development, city engagement, communications, research and technical expertise facilitation and internship programme management.

Regional Liaison

Regional Liaison Coordinators represent the Cities Programme at the country level. Their work involves engaging new cities and working as conduits to Cities Programme services for the facilitation of projects and relationship development. The appointment is by invitation only. These roles are currently in Brazil, Puerto Rico and Malta.

Global Advisors

Global Advisors work in close liaison with the International Secretariat and are ambassadors for the UN Global Compact - Cities Programme, promoting the Principles, increasing awareness of the Cities Programme and engagement of cities and other stakeholders with the United Nations Global Compact. The appointment to Global Advisor is by invitation only.

Urban Scholars

Urban Scholars are high level, outcomes focused urban academics and practitioners who support the Cities Programme International Secretariat by making their expertise available to city participants of the United Nations Global Compact, partners of the Cities Programme and to Cities Programme Interns (upon negotiation). They provide services such as projects proposal review, technical advice and research, capacity building and monitoring and evaluation. If you are interested in becoming an Urban Scholar with the Cities Programme – see Get Involved

Research Associates

Research Associates are academics who have had or are continuing in research project roles with the International Secretariat.