31 Oct 2017
Curitiba commits to United Nations Global Compact and SDGs

We are delighted to announce the commitment of Curitiba, the capital of Paraná to the United Nations Global Compact and our Cities Programme.

In a ceremony at the Salão Brasil at the City Hall on 31 October 2017, Curitiba’s Mayor, Prefeito Rafael Greca signed the letter to the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres, committing Curitiba to advance the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Prefeito Rafael Greca assina adesão ao movimento nacional ODS "Nós podemos" e ao Programa Cidades do Pacto Global da ONU, ao lado da diretora do programa, Elizabeth Ryan . Curitiba, 31/10/2017

The ceremony also marked an agreement with the Brazilian  Movimento Nacional dos ODS (National Movement of SDGs), signing a letter of commitment from the state government for the municipalities of Paraná – an action which is gaining the commitment of all 399 municipalities in Paraná to engage with the SDGs.

Curitiba is well placed to take action with the SDGs. “We have a complete program to pursue the goals of sustainable development,” said Prefeito Greca. The Prefeito has a long held dedication to urban innovation and spoke about current and proposed programs such as the development of urban gardens, the incentive to innovate and the creative economy in the Pinhão Valley and the environmental education grid within the program Linhas do Conhecimento.

“We also want to immerse the city in programs that focus on new energies” .

Present at the ceremony, Elizabeth Ryan, Cities Programme Deputy Director, congratulated Curitiba in its commitment and welcomed the capital to the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme.

“Curitiba has a long held reputation as an international leader of innovation in sustainable urban development. For quite some time, we have wanted Curitiba to work with us and the time that this has happened – this moment – is perfect timing. It aligns with this important statewide movement to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and as we establish our Southern Regional Centre in Curitiba*. The time couldn’t have been more right”.

Many dignitaries participated in the ceremony. These included the United Nations Development Program, Brazil Technical Cooperation Coordinator, Samantha Dotto Salve; the Special Secretary in Representation of the State of Paraná, Luciano Pizzatto; the Vice President of the State Council for Economic and Social Development of Paraná, Keli Guimarães; representatives of Sanepar, Stiverson Charles de Oliveira, and Copel, Jocéli de Andrade, and councilwoman Julieta Reis.

Also present were the Municipal Secretaries for Education, Maria Silvia Bacila Winkeler – Environment, Marilza do Carmo Oliveira Dias – and Supply, Luiz Gusi;  President of the Curitiba Innovation Agency, Frederico Lacerda, President of the Municipal Institute of Public Administration (Imap ), Alexandre Jarschel de Oliveira, and Curitiba’s Racial Equality Policy Advisor, Adegmar José da Silva Candiero, the Curitiba´s Head of International Relations, Rodolpho Zannin, and the Co-Director at Regional Centre of the UN Global Compact Cities Programme Office, Rosane de Souza.

Prefeito Rafael Greca assina adesão ao movimento nacional ODS "Nós podemos" e ao Programa Cidades do Pacto Global da ONU, ao lado da diretora do programa, Elizabeth Ryan . Curitiba, 31/10/2017. Foto: Pedro Ribas/SMCS

This is the second term in office for Prefeito Greca who held the position in 1992 and under his leadership the city won the World Habitat Award in 1996 for Building Citizenship through Urban Management. In this award (pictured to the left) Curitiba was recognised for its imaginative and innovative city planning approach which created a sustainable urban environment and a strong sense of citizenship through housing provision. It brought together a range of innovative programmes, including combined workplace and dwelling units, an innovative housing finance system involving the private sector and ensuring a supply of low income housing without high levels of public investment.

At this time world famous public transportation and waste management systems earned Curitiba its reputation as one of the most sustainable cities on earth.

Prefeito Greca has his eyes on a project of similar scale and impact for this second term of office. We look forward to working with Curitiba and Prefeito Greca and his team.

*The ceremony was followed on the same day by the inauguration of the Southern Regional Centre for the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme Centre at an inauguration event at Copel, Companhia Paranese de Energia, headquarters in Curitiba.

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