22 Dec 2016
UNDP launches online course on migration

Cities Programme Chair Michael Nolan recently met with the Programme Manager for the Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) from the Brussels Office of UNDP, Cecile Riallant.

Their discussion highlighted important overlaps that exist between the two programmes, primarily surrounding migration as an area of interest.

JMDI have launched a free yet comprehensive e-learning course on how to better manage migration for enhanced local development through inclusion and empowerment of migrants and diaspora in development planning and policy-making. The course is therefore aimed at stakeholders working on migration and development at a local level, such as authorities, civil society, migrants’ associations, academia and international organisations.

Developed by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ITC-ILO), the e-modules are designed to be interactive and engaging: scenarios, case studies, videos and activities have been used to make content interesting and relevant.

Riallant spoke of human mobility, urbanization and decentralization in regards to how cities are finding themselves at the forefront of managing both the positive and negative impacts of migration.

“Often they find themselves lacking know-how and tools that they need to manage this in a way that can foster local development,” said Riallant.

“The course is therefore a direct response to the specific needs and knowledge gaps identified from local stakeholders. It covers a wide range of practical issues connected with Local Development through 6 modules.”

The Cities Programme and JMDI are in the process of discussing future collaborative opportunities and projects surrounding education and online learning.

For more information about the M4D Net, visit their website at www.migration4development.org