Sandra Moye

International Secretariat Staff

Sandra Moye, an engineer and sustainability professional, is responsible for the development of the Global Compact City Scan. She is also currently based in the Netherlands and is a contact point for European cities and projects.

Sandra developed this diagnostic tool in 2014 and is leading its pilot phase and further development. Sandra is also a Researcher with the Global Compact Cities Programme, which she joined in January 2013  through a research internship. She holds a Master of Environment from Melbourne University, focused on Climate Change and Sustainable Community Development, and a Carbon Accounting accreditation from Swinburne University.

In 2015, Sandra commenced a PhD focused on focused on urban climate resilience through sustainable housing in cities of the Global South. Throughout 2013 and 2014, she undertook research with Professor Ralph Horne in energy efficiency measures for low income housing with the Chilean NGO TECHO. Sandra secured COALAR funding to collaborate with TECHO and present findings internationally – see her workshops at the World Urban Forum and Sustainable Urban Housing in Chile. Sandra translated the ‘Guide to the Global Compact for Local Governments’ from Spanish to English. She is also leading the 2014-15 study of Cities Programme participant cities, the ‘Global Compact City Scan’.

Sandra is from Mexico and is a native Spanish speaker. She has worked with Indigenous communities in the Michoacan mountain range in Mexico, has heavy-industry consulting experience and has volunteered here in Melbourne with Beyond Zero Emissions on their Buildings Plan as a Researcher and Volunteer Coordinator.

With a strong interest in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, Sandra plans to extend her experience and the impact of her work with community development projects in Australasia and Latin America.

Latin American Housing Research

See Sandra’s presentation in Santiago, Chile on the Sustainable Urban Housing