Andy Scerri

Research Associate

Dr Andy Scerri is a Lecturer at the Department of Political Science at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the USA. His long-standing association with the Global Compact Cities Programme began with his role as a Research Fellow at the Global Cities Research Institute at RMIT University, where he worked on collaborative research and the supervision and mentoring of students in post-graduate research projects.

Dr Scerri’s research focus is on city and metro-regional responses to the political challenges of sustainable development, particularly in relation to efforts to establish citizen-driven policy monitoring initiatives in Australia and Canada. His theoretical interests centre on understanding how political debate over sustainable development is shaping questions of citizenship, ideology and the state.

Andy has authored and co-authored numerous articles, chapters and reports dealing with the theory and practice of citizenship, community development, environmental reporting and methodological issues in the social sciences. Andy’s first scholarly book, Greening Citizenship: Sustainable Development, the State and Ideology, was published in 2012.