22 Dec 2016
UNAAV Young Professionals and Better Cities

The UN Association of Australia recently hosted the Global Goals Academy series aimed at educating and empowering change towards achieving the SDGs. For the fourth event on 16 November, the UNAAV Young Professionals teamed up with the Cities Programme to host “Better cities for a better world: achieving the urban goal” at RMIT University. Attended by 30+ people, the panel event featured City of Melbourne Chief Resilience Officer, Toby Kent, and two Melbourne students, Sadman Shafiq and Rufael Tsegay, who attended Habitat III as Australian Youth Delegates. Facilitating the panel discussion was Cities Programme Communication and Engagement Officer, Mim Kempson.

At the heart of the discussion was the New Urban Agenda and how it is envisaged to impact Melbourne specifically. Organically evolving into an interactive and open forum, the audience expressed their curiosity of how the NUA would shape urban planning in outer Melbourne.

A central question was, how can we efficiently progress both the Melbourne centre as well as its outskirts, which are allegedly often overlooked. There was also great discussion over housing prices and bike culture, which indicated that there is a demand from Melbourne residents for more cycling-friendly roads and paths to be installed into the city.