WUF9 Event: Partnerships for Sustainable Growth – Lessons from Australia and Indonesia

Date: Sunday 11 February 2018

Time: 14:00 – 15:00

Place: Room 403, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center

Event Overview:

Please help us scope an innovative proposal for the CITY PARTNERSHIPS CHALLENGE – a capacity development and facilitation
initiative of the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme that supports cross-sectoral multi-partner sustainable urban development projects.

At this event, you will learn:
– How to successfully plan new towns
– Flood mitigation strategies
– How to achieve effective change through community action
– What partnerships truly mean

The ‘City Partnerships Challenge’ is a contribution by UN Global Compact to the UN Implementation Facility for Sustainable Urban Development (IFSUD) that aims to catalyse effective, coordinated and results-based implementation of integrated sustainable urban development solutions.

The focus of this event is on the sustainable development of new towns in Indonesia, where many towns are destined for river and coastal
locations. These are places where people living in informal settlements are most vulnerable and lack legal status. Poor planning, climate change and inadequate
environmental protections coalesce to create serious flood conditions on a regular basis.


EAROPH, Australia

UN Global Compact – Cities Programme

DELWP, Victoria State Government, Australia

RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia;

Centre for Design/Innovation, Swinburne University, Australia


UN Global Compact – Cities Programme Urban Scholar, Mia Davison – mia.k.davison@gmail.com

More Info:

Follow this link to the Partnerships for Sustainable Growth flyer .