Daniella Davi

Former Intern

Daniella Davi completed a Masters in Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam. She is from New York in the USA and was residing in Amsterdam. Her internship was based at the City of Amsterdam.

Daniella is interested in implementing and sustaining creativity within artistic communities, applying bottom up initiatives to reusable infrastructure for feasibility and productivity. Her goal is to plan and design these artistic communities for the purpose of sustaining creativity through constant economic and political reconfiguration, collaborating with residents to drive communities towards economic, environmental and infrastructural self-sufficiency.

Daniella believes that this incentive cannot exist without collaboration between architects and planners, especially because artists are attuned to and inspired by their physical environment. She thinks that by integrating components of architecture and design into the planning field, city builders can maximize creativity and efficiency between public and privatized space.

Daniella hopes to combine her previous studies in the USA with future research in Amsterdam to manifest collaboration and knowledge exchange between both cities.