Cassandra Cohen

Former Intern

Cassandra Cohen, a Bachelor of Professional Communication student at RMIT University, undertook a communications internship with the Global Compact Cities Programme from September to November 2015. Her role involved promoting the Cities Programme flagship publication Cities for the Future, assisting with business administration, writing news articles and contributing to the redevelopment of the Cities Programme website.

Prior to joining the Cities Programme, Cassandra developed her marketing and communications skills in a number of organisations. Most recently, she was the Marketing and Volunteer Co-ordinator for a female entrepreneur empowerment conference, Run The World, in Brisbane, organised by the League of Extraordinary Women.

She also has experience writing for The Under Age, news reading for SYN 90.7 FM and performing internal communications tasks at the National Australia Bank.

In addition, Cassandra is interested in international issues and is able to study these more closely through her university contextual major – Politics, Economies & Communication.

Cassandra is committed to leaving the world a better place and is confident that her time with the Cities Programme would go some way to helping her achieve this goal. Cassandra left the Cities Programme in November 2015 to pursue a summer internship with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra.