9 Aug 2018
Strengthening links in California and Mexico

In April, our Director Ralph Horne visited Mexico and California to grow partnerships with city, research and business partners in the region.

Prof Horne’s visit to the San Francisco bay area in April 2018 followed that of Cities Programme Urban Scholar Iain Butterworth in late 2017.  The Cities Programme supported and contributed to Iain’s successful Fulbright Scholarship to visit University of California Berkeley. Iain is an amazing networker and facilitator of change.

In his time in California, he developed a Berkeley Hub proposal following his approaches to organisations including; AECOM, Bay Area Metro (Association of Bay Area Councils), Bay Area Council, Conservation Fund, Prevention Institute, Ecocity Builders, Helena Pogo Park, Business Council on Climate Change, San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), City of Berkeley, City of Richmond, City of San Francisco, New York Academy of Medicine, Rabin Martin consulting company, and a range of individuals with interests in urban sustainable development.

Prof Horne met with Prof Jason Corburn, a leading scholar in urban planning and public health at the University of California Berkeley. Partnership discussions included prospects for City Partnerships initiatives in Californian cities, and also collaboration on safe and healthy city research and projects in Africa. Following these productive discussions, Prof Horne also visited Ecocity Builders, where he met with Director, Kirstin Miller to discuss the deepening City Partnerships relationships, and collaborations internationally, including in India.

Prof Horne also visited Mexico City with UN Global Compact – Cities Programme local staff member Sandra Moye. In Guadalajara; Mexico’s second largest city and a pioneer in post-digital economies and the IT sector, Prof Horne delivered a presentation on collective housing as part of the 3rd International Congress on Collective Housing. The presentation drew links between ethical cities and the City Partnerships Challenge of the UN Global Compact, Cities Programme.