Katherine Teh-White

Global Advisor

  • Change Management
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Strategy and Policy

Katherine Teh-White’s pioneering Social Licence to Operate methodology and problem-solving approach can make organisations more successful in this current era of fast-changing community expectations. Her approach integrates public policy, public affairs, risk communication, foresight, a strong grounding in change management and an appreciation of science.

Having worked on complex outrage issues from climate change to leukaemia clusters to uranium mining, she has developed strategies that enable the issues to be resolved with business, government and community support.

The sectors that she has worked in include minerals and manufacturing, natural resources, energy, banking, telecommunications and media. Clients include: Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, OneSteel, Boral and the Australian Banking Association.

With an established track record of highly successful solutions for corporations, communities and governments alike, Katherine is a proven agent of change who benefits her clients and the affiliated stakeholders of the organisations she assists.

Katherine is based in Melbourne, Australia.