Santa Lucija’s mission to establish a green town was given a boost recently through its membership of both the Covenant of Mayors and the UN Global Cities Programme. At a recent Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, held in Brussels in November 2017,  Fredrick Cutajar, Vice-Mayor of Santa Lucija, spoke of its “Action Plan (2012-2020) “Living Greener – Greener Living”.

“Living Green Living is our driving vision to create a healthier society based on five main pillars; Conservation; Local Jobs for Local People through Green Skills; Transition in Transit; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Better Living and Climate Change”, said Vice-Mayor Cutajar, “the Garden Town concept is fully supported by local citizens” and the actions that the Santa Lucija has taken are related to CO2 emissions reduction and “meet the challenges of both the Covenant of Mayors and the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme.

Vice-Mayor Cutajar went on to describe the successes so fare, including:

  • Rebuilding the Trim Trail, which includes a Jogging Track, to make it safer and secure and upgrading the lighting system the introduction of LED lighting.
  • Upgrading the soccer ground; and changing the flood lighting from halogen to LED in the five-a-side soccer pitches.
  • New public amenities were fitted with solar panels and timer switches to ensure least energy consumption and all the decorative lighting in public squares have been changed to energy saver lamps.
  • A major project restored and extended the Chinese Garden “The Garden of Serenity” as well as changed the entire lighting system to solar. This resulted in a significant drop in electricity demand.
  • Finally, in the past 5 years, 50 apartment blocks have been fitted with energy saver bulbs and all switches were changed to timer switches in the related public areas.

The next goal, said Vice-Mayor Cutajar, is to build a Solar Farm. Santa Lucija Council is having talks with local authorities around constructing a PV Farm of about 3500 sq metres. This will be linked to the landscaping design around the town.; “Santa Luċija is unique as a green town and garden town and should set an example in innovative development and ecofriendly living.” We are striving through our plan to make this happen.