5 Jul 2018
Farewell Elizabeth Ryan

Elizabeth Ryan is stepping out of her position as Deputy Director of the UN Global Compact Cities Programme International Secretariat to start another phase of her career; working on the development of transformative urban projects with stakeholders that include private, government and community partners. She will, however, stay closely connected with the Secretariat in her role as a valued Global Advisor.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Liz for her work over the past seven years; growing the program of participant city and regional governments to over one hundred, fostering strong growth in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in particular nurturing the Secretariat itself by establishing a stronger relationship with the UN Global Compact and RMIT University – where the Secretariat is hosted – through a partnership that has been extended to 2025.

Liz has represented the International Secretariat at global peak conferences and summits and is recognised as a pioneer in multi-sector partnerships in complex city environments. She has been a leader in engaging with cities, communities and businesses.

We celebrate both her achievements as well as the great times we’ve had working together. Her passion and interpersonal engagement have positioned the Programme for growth.

Two of the people Liz has worked with closely over the past seven years reflected:

I have worked with Liz since 2011. Throughout the years she has been my mentor and with great patience, care and enthusiasm supported the expansion of the Cities Programme in Brazil. The team at the Brazil Southern Centre celebrates her rare ability to engage businesses and communities to create viable partnerships. We are confident that we will move forward significantly with our transformative projects with Liz as one of our Global Advisors”.   Rosane de Souza, Diretora Regional – Brasil, UN Global Compact –  Cities Programme, Brazil, South America.

The best way that I can sum up Liz Ryan is to describe her as an enthusiastic global connector who is passionate about helping to build sustainable cities. You can guarantee that Liz will always be a strong champion of your work and can connect you with other global leaders to provide added value, making your efforts that much more effective, or she will ensure that your experiences can help others – as together we create better cities”.   Dean Amhous, President & CEO, The Water Council, Milwaukee, USA.

All at the UN Global Compact Cities Programme International Secretariat wish Liz every success in all her future endeavours.

Liz can be contacted by email: elizabeth.ryan@urbanvitality.co, or by phone +61 4 2577 3359