Lisa Roodenburg

Former Intern

Lisa Roodenburg lives in Amsterdam, where she completed a Bachelor of Human Geography at the University of Amsterdam. She was undertaking a Research Masters in International Development Studies. Lisa’s interest lies in the relationship between the environment, development processes and poverty in urban settings.

During her internship, Lisa was based in Manila where she was undertaking field research. For her thesis, Lisa researched household adaptive strategies in the face of floods in Metropolitan Manila. She was particularly interested in how households used interactions with other actors (the government, NGOs and civil society) as part of their adaptive strategies.

Her inspiration for her Masters research came from two months of fieldwork for her undergraduate thesis on the north east coast of South America in Suriname. Lisa has also travelled to Bogotá, Colombia and throughout Asia, which included two volunteer projects in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. She is keenly interested in a career in research related to inequality, development and environmental issues in the urban context. Lisa speaks Dutch and English.

Lisa commenced her research internship with the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme in August 2014. Her research project involved conducting a GIS analysis that focuses on socio-economic and vulnerability mapping of Metro Manila. She was exploring the characteristics of flooding issues and the issues confronting households in a relatively new migrant neighbourhood and a relatively old, established neighbourhood.