21 Dec 2017
Parana recognised for partnership for development at WFO 2017

The State of Parana was presented with the Partnership for Development award at the World Family Summit 2017 . This  honour is welcomed by the Cities Programme, which supported the creation of a Cities Programme office for the Southern Region of Brazil in October.

“By adopting the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as strategic reference points for Parana, we are seeking to fulfill our role in making the planet a better place for all,” said Governor Beto Richa, reinforcing the government’s commitment for all the cities of Parana to be aligned with the same purposes.

Parana’s Governor Beto Richa and the Parana team received the award, at the Word Family Summit awards ceremony on the 14 of December 2017, for building partnerships and best practice for the SGDs implementation to achieve the global goals in the State of Parana.

Fernando Guimarães (TCE PR), Keli Guimarães (Cedes),Marcel Micheletto (AMP), Deisi Kuzdra (WFO), Beto Richa (Governador do Paraná ), João Carlos Ortega (Sedu) e Antonio Guetter (Copel)

Among the team’s actions is the creation of a network of government partners, with the involvement of companies, universities and civil organizations, with the purpose of incorporating state goals, encouraging municipalities to do the same and encouraging public leaders to participate.

Families are the fundamental cell of society

The World Family Summit 2017 was held  in Switzerland on the 14 and 15 December and brought together global leaders to discuss actions and exchange experiences with the focus on family care and poverty eradication. At the Summit, Governor Richa stressed that the Government of Parana is working towards a union of efforts in the State around the goals of the UN and also highlighted the role of families in the process.

“Families are the fundamental cell of society, where citizens committed to future generations are formed,” said the Governor.

Rosane de Souza (Cities Programme), Adriana Domingos (TCE PR), Rita Mombelli (TCE PR) and Ataide Pereira (Celepar)

Rosane de Souza (Cities Programme)

A range of recommendations for the implementation of the SDG’s were put forward by the Parana Team at the World Family Summit for inclusion in the World Summit 2017 Declaration to be adopted at the 2018 UN ECOSOC High level political Forum.

Six pillars to achieve the Global Goals

Parana’s adoption of the UN goals as a strategic framework for development, and its commitment to ensuring all cities in the state are aligned with their purposes, was also recognized by the Latin American Network of the Global Compact during a recent event in Quito, Ecuador.

The implementation of actions to achieve the goals, led by the Economic and Social Development Council of Paraná (Cedes), has already resulted in the “Integrated Project of Location of the SDGs of Paraná”. The document is based on six pillars:

  1. Formal commitment of all the municipalities of Paraná to the SDGs;
  2. Training of municipal administration officers to develop projects that meet the SDGs with the support of the private sector;
  3. Alignment of SDG priority and eligible indicators for the State of Paraná;
  4. Development of technological solutions, such as Business Intelligence and the Bank of Good Practices, for integrated management of indicators;
  5. Incorporation of SDGs into the State budget. As early as 2018, the State will have its first thematic budget fully aligned with the goals of the SDGs;
  6. Provision of government accounts based on the SDGs, through a model being developed by the Court of Audit of Paraná for both state accounts and municipal accounts.

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