Joseph Comer

Former Intern

Joseph Comer joined the Global Compact Cities Programme as an intern in August 2012 as part of his Master of Social Science (International Development) at RMIT University. Joe’s work with the Cities Programme included developing RMIT-Cities Programme hosted postgraduate research placements with partners, assisting with building new partnerships and writing for the Cities Programme website.

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in linguistics prior to commencing his Masters study, Joe’s research interests lie at the locus of theories of language, culture and cognition, political science and international development (particularly participatory approaches to community development).

In the future, Joe aims to explore questions regarding the role of language and culture in the development of effective and equitable policy, amid the challenges of a rapidly globalising and (some would say) homogenising world. He has travelled extensively, volunteering and living overseas in the United Kingdom, Brazil and the Philippines. Above all else, Joe hopes to have a fulfilling career punctuated by profound experiences across many cultures.

Joe’s internship with Cities Programme was supervised by Elizabeth Ryan.