Cynthia Lam

Former Intern

Cynthia Lam undertook a research-focused internship with the Global Compact Cities Programme in late 2011/early 2012, where she explored sustainability initiatives in Melbourne local government. Her research internship led her to undertake a minor thesis as part of her Masters degree. Her thesis explores the theory of ecological modernisation and argues its theoretical shortcomings and weaknesses when it informs environmental policy making, especially concerning the broad task of working towards more sustainability. Her thesis, ESD: A Basis for Ecological Modernisation of the Planning Permit System in Victoria?, uses a case study of the SDAPP program initiated by local governments in Victoria.

Cynthia completed her Master of Social Science (Environment and Planning) at RMIT University in 2013. She is also an urban planner certified with the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA). She is currently coordinating a three-year research project in the Central Goldfield Shire in Victoria, Australia, which is investigates in the impacts of community partnership and leadership involvement in a community arts projects on the culture of the Shire. Cynthia is also co-authoring a peer-reviewed journal article with Dr Andy Scerri. Using an ongoing land use dispute surrounding the augmentation of an existing electricity infrastructure in Melbourne as a case study, the article aims to contribute to theoretical discussion about how it is that different groups justify their arguments that the actions they promote might contribute to the ‘common good’.

Her research interests includes urban and planning theory, sustainable strategic planning, urban design and health, housing and community development.