22 Dec 2016
Angra Doce moves forward

Much progress is being made with the Brazilian Innovating project, Angra Doce, the large territorial sustainable tourism development that is a collaboration between the Paraná and Saõ Paulo governments, fifteen municipalities, the private sector, academia and the community.

The 7th regional meeting of partners was recently held in Ourinhous. There were presentations from: Federal Deputy,  Capitão Augusto; Paraná State Secretary of Planning and General Coordination, Cyllêneo Pessoa Pereira Júnior; Prefeito of Ribeirão Claro, Mauricio Araujo; Prefeito of Tarumã, Jairo Costa; Prefeita of Ourinhos, Belkis Fernandes; and Elizabeth Ryan, Deputy Director of the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme.

It was followed by meetings with UENP, the state University of Northern Paraná and UNESP, the São Paulo State University who are contributing a range of expertise and student projects (final image).

The following day tours were had of the region led by Prefeito Mauricio Araujo of the Ribeirão Claro natural and cultural attractions.

Meetings have also been held in São Paulo with the São Paulo state government.

See media report on event (Portuguese)

See media report on meeting with Paraná State Secretary of Planning and General Coordination (Portuguese)