Joyati Das

Global Advisor

  • Human Rights
  • Urban Poverty
  • Partnerships and Sustainable Development

Joyati Das is an advocate and a recognised credible voice globally promoting sustainable cities for future generations. She served as a senior leader for World Vision International and designed multi-country urban action research and learning initiatives that are contributing to global urban evidence base. Joyati brings more than 20 years of international development experience across several regions with expertise in South Asian urban issues, and vast networks that include civil society, academia and city governments.

Holding Masters in Sociology as well as Communications, Joyati’s research interests and thematic knowledge include child rights, urban issues and vulnerabilities focusing on migration, conflict and climate refugees, inclusive governance and equity, urban safety particularly safer cities for girls, public space, mobility and liveability

Joyati has knowledge and experience in the substantive matters and issues covered in the 2030 Agenda – SDGs and the New Urban Agenda having served on several UN platforms representing young people’s issues for Habitat III. Joyati is committed to defending human rights and progressing the voice of the marginalised, contributing to transformative research, practice and policy. She has contributed to several media and journal articles promoting the rights of the future generations. Please visit – (news articles and videos) for more information.

Joyati is based in Melbourne, Australia.