Constanza Gonzalez-Mathiesen

Former Intern

Constanza joined the Global Compact Cities Programme in August 2013 to undertake a research internship. She was supported to conduct research related to the evolution and impacts of housing projects for slum dwellers developed by the Chilean NGO Techo.

Constanza is an accredited architect and holds a Master of Urban Planning degree from Melbourne University, specialising in International Development Planning. Costanza is a native Spanish speaker from Chile. She is also fluent in French and English. She has worked with slum dwellers and victims of the 2010 disaster in Concepción, Chile, in her role as a Project Coordinator for Techo. She has also conducted research on land-use planning potential for developing disaster resilience.

Constanza’s research interests include slum upgrading and social housing, community development, urban and planning theory and policy, sustainable and resilient land-use planning and design.

Constanza’s research was supervised and supported by Professor Ralph Horne.