Cristina Hernandez Santin

Former Intern

Cristina is a biologist who recently completed a Master of Environment. Her research with the UN Global Compact Cities – Programme was part of an RMIT University research project called Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design (BSUD). The BSUD project aimed to alleviate human impact caused by urban development and sprawl. Cristina’s research analysed different urban forms (compact, polycentric and eco-resilient cities) to find BSUD performance variation.

Cristina’s Master of Environment was part of the Sustainable Cities stream at the University of Melbourne. Cristina is an international student from Mexico, where she studied a Bachelor of Biology and worked with landscape architects to integrate native species into the urban environment.

In 2014, Cristina held a volunteer position with and participated in various campaigns related to climate change.

Cristina’s internship with the Cities Programme was supervised by Cities Programme Urban Scholar and RMIT Researcher, Associate Professor Sarah Bekessy.