Urban Thinkers Campus – Ethical Cities

The “Ethical Cities: Locking in Liveability” Urban Thinkers Campus was co-organized by the UN Global Compact - Cities Programme and World Vision  to place a distinct emphasis on the ethical city as an urgent objective in the New Urban Agenda. Hosted at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, the Campus focused on the principles, policies and action planning aimed at bringing ethics and values to the forefront of city planning, urban governance and sustainable urban development. It explored the notion of the ethical city through three core themes: (1) Ethical Urban Development, (2) Resilience and (3) Inclusion and Right to the City. Ethical cities are environmentally, socially and culturally sustainable, and utilise transparent, accountable, respectful, democratic, and inclusive mechanisms of engagement. This Urban Thinkers Campus proposes that The City We Need is Ethical and Just.

Connected Cities