Economic Shock – Ekonomi Blong Yumi

NY to the Pacific - the far reaching ripples of global financial events

The video provides learning and practical advice from a three year collaborative research project on the impact on the Global Economic Crisis on households in island states in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. Our Urban Scholars, Simon Feeny and Alberto Posso were lead investigators. Key findings of the research found the effects of economic shocks included recent hikes in the prices of food and fuel. It shows the particular vulnerability of urban communities who have less land for growing food and weaker social infrastructure. It provides a good insight into the number of local factors that provide households with an important buffer from shocks, and which sets them apart from people in other countries. These include food gardens and strong systems of community support. However, despite these buffers, households were still negatively affected by the shocks. The video increases the understanding of the impact of economic shocks on women, who typically act as the main shock absorber within households and communities. It provides advice to policymakers to help protect households from the impacts of future shocks by making improvements in households' access to land, markets, education and financial services. Most importantly, policies must look to build upon, rather than weaken, the unique environmental and social strengths in these islands.

Ekonomi Blong Yumi - English version

Ekonomi Blong Yumi - Bislama version