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Since joining the UNCGCCP, Jamshedpur has sought to solve the issue of water sustainability in the city. Led by the Tata Group’s Jamshedpur Utilities & Service Company (JUSCO), a public-private partnership has been created to adopt a holistic approach to improve and resolve this issue.


Many undertakings, such as media campaigns on water conservation, water theme marches on World Water Day, and quizzes and science shows on water in schools, were initiated to gain sufficient support from the public and educate them on the importance of water in the city. The project is now well established with a significant amount of community ownership and support.

Technical advances have been a significant agenda within the project. Water harvesting and conservation schemes have been created using the most appropriate scientific and cost effective technology. The schemes have been designed to reduce potable water consumption, enhance the quality and quantity of ground water, and increase the uses of rainwater in effective and environmentally friendly ways.


JUSCO has now started extending its water services to nearby areas, known as Bagan Area. This has allowed an ever increasing clean water network of pipes with constant supply. The piped water has significantly conserved ground water resources.

The Jamshedpur project has shown ways of successfully tackling significant and seemingly intractable urban problems and has since placed proven solutions into the international learning forum.