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Aliança Paraná Sustentável

18 May 2012


Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável – state-wide sustainability

Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável (Our Sustainable Paraná Alliance) is an ambitious and leading new model for a coordinated cross-sectoral statewide approach to sustainability.

The Alliance is being built from a solid base of collective assets. Leaders from the private sector, government and civil society in the Brasilian State of Paraná have committed to work on a regional and city-wide level to build a state which is sustainable across all domains – ecological, economic, political and cultural.

The establishment and development of the Alliance is being coordinated by a recently formed Regional Secretariat of the UN Global Compact Cities Programme. The Secretariat was formalised in May 2012.

Collaboration of Government, Private Sector and Civil Society

Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável will grow to include many groups from across the government, business and civil society sectors in Paranà. The number of individual Global Compact member cities are also growing with the Alliance.

Rio+20 Launch of Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável

Governor of Paranà, Beto Richa presenting the UN Commitments of  Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável at the High Level Closing of the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum, June 18 2012

Governador of Paranà, Carlos Alberto ‘Beto’ Richa presented Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável at the high level closing of the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum on June 18, 2012. He outlined a series of UN Commitments as the first stage of the Alliance’s actions to build sustainability across the State (see below).

See Governor Beto Richa Commitment Declaration at Rio+20 June 18 2012 .

There was also a full hour and a half session of the Rio+20 Urbanisation and Cities track dedicated to the launch of Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustanável. Presentations were delivered by:

  • Professor Paul James (Director, Global Cities Research Institute/UN Global Compact – Cities Programme)
  • Eduardo Manoel Araujo (In Country Convenor, Regional Secretariat, UN Global Compact – Cities Programme)
  • Mounir Chaowiche (President, Housing Company of Paraná, also representing the State Governor)
  • Jorge Miguel Samek (General Brazilian Director, ITAIPU Binacional)
  • Joel Krüger (President, Council of Engineers of Paraná-CREA-PR)
  • Father José Aparecido Pinto (President, Social Action of Paraná)
  • Lidia Mizote (In Country Convenor, Local Secretariat, Global Compact Cities Programme, Campo Mourão)

Media Coverage


First Actions – UN Commitments 

Segment Commitment Target Year

Politico-Instittutional (Social)


Government Regionalization Working on it
Interactive State Secretary of Urban Development Geo-referenced data of infrastructure and public services in 36 municipalities 2013
Parliamentary Agenda 72 basic studies of municipal development, 2000 professional participations 2012
21st Agenda of Campo Mourão – Recovery of the river spring with relocation of families Working on it

Econômico (Social)

Economia Criativa e Solidária

Number of Households of Social Interest Constructed 100.000 urban houses10.000 rural houses 2014
Food and Nutritional Security Network (Social Action of Paraná) 320 Organic Agricultural Families, 430 Organic Agricultural Families, 500 Organic Agricultural Families, 13 municipalities reached, 15 municipalities reached, 20 municipalities reached, 1265 tons of food, 1500 tons of food, 1900 tons of food, 82000 people served, 90000 people served, 100000 people served 2012




Local Productive Cluster Network Working on it
Distributed Energy Generation Working on it

Cultural (Social)

Inclusão Social e Digital


Digital Citizenship Broadband to 50 municipalities 2013
Paraná Family 50,000 individual services sum total, 100,000 individual services sum total 2013


Management Education of Public Managers Train 15,000 technologists in Public Management, Post Graduation in Public Administration for 1000 municipal employees 2014

Ambiental (Social)

Gestão de Microbacias


Participative management of water and soil in micro river basins Action plans in 50 micro river basins community validated Action plans in 100 micro river basins community validated, Action plans in 150 micro river basins community validated 2012



Payment for Environmental Services State Law Regulation of the law 2012
Management of Micro River Basins Number of Partners, Number of Micro River Basins Covered 2012
Environmental Risks and Disaster Management Identification of 70%  of disasters risks, Identification of 100%  of disasters risks, Institutionalization of the Risks and Disasters State Policy 2014


Promotion of the economic and sustainable development of agricultural families 50 sustainable business proposals approved and financed, 150 sustainable business proposals approved and financed, 210 sustainable business proposals approved and financed 2013




A Regional Secretariat of the UN Global Compact Cities Programme of Paranà has been formed to establish, develop and expand Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável. Its members are:


  • The State Government of Paranà –  represented by the Secretary of Justiçe, Citizenship and Human Rights, Maria Tereza Uille Gomes, and Luciana Ribeiro Lepri.
  • Associação dos Municípios do Paraná (Association of the Municipalities of Paraná) –  represented by President, Luiz Lazaro Sorvos and Aurélio Munhoz.
  • Cohapar – Companhia de Habitação do Paraná  (Housing Company of Paraná) – represented by President, Mounir Chaowiche and Orlando Agulham Jr
  • Prefeitura Municipal de Campo Mourão (City Hall of Campo Mourão), represented by  Lidia Tomoco Miyagui Mizote
Private Sector
  • COPEL – Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Energy Utility Company of Paraná) –  represented by Jonel Iurk, José Marques Filho and Ivete Hitomi.
  • Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Paraná (Industries Federation of Paraná State) – represented by  Edson Campagnolo
  • Federação das Associações Comerciais do Paraná (Federation of Comercial Associations of Paraná) – represented by  Yvy Karla B. Abbade
  • ISAE/FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation / Superior Institute of Corporations Management) – represented by  Norman de Paula Arruda Filho
  • ITAIPU Binacional – represented by General Brazilian Director, Jorge Miguel Samek
Civil Society
  • Ação Social do Paraná  Social Action of Paraná (Caritas), represented by President, Padre José Aparecido Pinto
  • Conselho Regional de Engenharia e Agronomia do Paraná – CREA-PR (Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomics of Paraná) –  represented by President Joel Krüger
  • Instituto Arayara de Educação para a Sustentabilidade (Arayara Institute of Education for Sustainability) – Luciano Planca, Eduardo Manoel Araújo and Marcia Maina.


Through the efforts of Sustainable Paraná Alliance there have been a number of significant outcomes:

  • Almost twenty municipalities in Paraná have joined the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme and are working to addressing issues such as social equity, environmental management, sustainable economic development. These include:
  1. Campo Mourão
  2. Foz do Iguaçú
  3. Antonina
  4. Centenario do Sul
  5. Colombo
  6. Imbituva
  7. Inajá
  8. Itaguajé
  9. Jardim Olinda
  10. Londrina
  11. Lupionópolis
  12. Maringà
  13. Morretes
  14. Ortigueira (the original municipality to commit to the Global Compact in Paraná)
  15. Paranaguá
  16. Paranapoema
  17.  Porecatu
  18. Santa Inês
  19. Santo Inácio
  20. Telêmaco Borba

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