10 May 2016
Medellin EDU CEO takes up Global Advisor role

Welcome Margarita María Ángel Bernal 

We are very pleased to announce that the recent CEO of Medellín’s urban development agency, Empressa Desarrollo Urbano (EDU), has taken up a Global Advisor role with our Cities Programme. Sra. Margarita María Ángel Bernal, a civil engineer, has immense experience and knowledge in urban infrastructure and development. Her numerous leadership roles in Medellín have given her a particular expertise and passion for achieving social transformation through city development projects and citizen engagement.

In her role with EDU Margarita has led the rollout of projects such as the residential park Nuevo Naranjal and the Green Belt Project (el Cinturon Verde). Once completed the Green Belt will provide a 75 kilometre pathway and park along the slopes of the Aburra Valley surrounding the city. It will open and connect many of Medellín’s most isolated suburbs and will restrict further city sprawl as the parks will be declared natural reserves.

Margarita has been recognised by Harvard University with the Veronica Rudge Green Award, and by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics in their 2015 listing.

We welcome Margarita to the Cities Programme and are grateful for the extraordinary expertise and experience now available to our network through her role as Global Advisor.