2 July 2013
People and the Planet – Transforming the Future

2-4th of July 2013 RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

The sustainability of urban cities is a pertinent concern for the policy makers and governments of today. Urban cities are currently faced with the challenges to maintain secure and sustainable living spaces for the growing populations that seek residence and a home within them. These issues can be viewed through an economic, environmental and ecological lens. This conference aims to use this lens to gain a more holistic understanding of the real concerns that face global cities. Rather than focusing on one specific area it will incorporate the domains of politics, economics, ecology and cultural approaches to achieve a more informed outlook. This will be consolidated by including key members from civil society, academia, urban governance and business. The conference will ask key questions to facilitate a considered and well-rounded debate. These questions aim to create possible outcomes for how we envisage all facets of society working together towards a more sustainable and ecologically responsible future.

Most notably it will focus on the following debates:

  • What does it mean to be responsible for the future of our planet?
  • How can we best work collaboratively across those different constituencies to address basic issues of sustainability?
  • What is to be done?

The conference that runs for three days will build upon the Cities Track that lead into the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil in 2012. The conference is linked also to the UN Habitat ‘City Changes’ campaign.

Venue: RMIT University (Storey Hall) 342 Swanston Street Melbourne  Victoria  3000 Australia

Key speakers:  Deborah Bird Rose Joyati Das Robyn Eckersley Brendan Gleeson Paul Komesaroff Manfred B. Steger Cost:

  • The full cost for attending the three-day academic conference is $400 AUD.
  • A reduced price ticket to the conference will be offered to students is $250 AUD.
  • An ‘early bird’ price ticket will be offered at both levels at $275 AUD and $175 AUD respectively.

More information on how to purchase your tickets will be provided shortly.


  • UN Global Compact Cities Programme
  • UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign
  • Cultural Development Network
  • Global Reconciliation
  • World Vision Australia

Enquiries: More information on this event will be provided in the near future. To ensure you are kept up to date please email info@global-cities.info to register your interest in this event.