17 Nov 2016
Global Advisor Awarded for Climate Change Research

Cities Programme global advisor and leader of the Climate Change and Resilience research program at the RMIT Centre for Urban Research (CUR) Dr Karyn Bosomworth has been recognised by RMIT University for her outstanding research contributions and industry collaboration.

Bosomworth took home one award and a grant: The Vice Chancellor’s Award for Research Impact – Early Career Researcher for her work with Victoria’s coastal Catchment Management Authorities to help them plan for a changing climate, and the Malcolm Moore Industry Research Award to work with the Goulburn Broken CMA (GBCMA) on developing and implementing their climate change plan in a rural-regional context.

“My work with Victoria’s coastal Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) applied the concept of ‘Pathways Planning’, to explore how robust current and potential management practices are across multiple possible futures, and how well they leave future options open,” Bosomworth said.

“Corangamite CMA used the concept to inform their recent Climate Change plan. The grant will help me work with all of Victoria’s CMAs, through GBCMA as the coordinator of the CMA climate change forum, in further applying and refining the approach to help implementation of their climate change plans.

“I’m very grateful for the honour, and to the Cities Programme and CUR for its consistent support of my work.”

Bosomworth is currently working with CUR researchers Dr Larissa Nicholls and Dr Yolande Strengers (pictured) from the Beyond Behaviour Change research program on the Heatwaves, Homes and Health study investigating how households are affected by hot weather, what they do to cope, and implications of electricity policy in Australia.

Households and social service organisations will be interviewed in three research sites – Melbourne, Dubbo and Cairns .

The study is funded by Energy Consumers Australia, a not-for-profit organisation which promotes the long-term interests of energy consumers.

Bosomworth will formally receive their awards by Vice-Chancellor and President, Martin Bean CBE at the 2016 Teaching and Research Awards ceremony in November.