20 Nov 2016
Cities for the Future Volume II – Advancing the SDGs

Share your innovative practice and achievements

We are preparing to develop the second volume of our flagship publication, ‘Cities for the Future’. It will be published in late 2017.

All UN Global Compact cities and regions are encouraged to contribute case studies of their innovative projects and practices.

In this publication we are also inviting contribution from the private sector and Global Compact Local Networks on collaborative urban-focused initiatives that advance SDG 11: Make Cities Safe Inclusive Resilient and Sustainable.

Approximately 30 case studies will be published in the book. All case studies that meet the standard and quality will be published as individual case studies on our website.

 Sustainable Development Theme – Publication Focus Areas

This years volume of ‘Cities for the Future’ is gathering material in areas that are specifically beneficial to advancing the new Sustainable Development Agenda.

The key focus areas are:

Case Study Structure

‘Cities for the Future’ is published for the benefit of other cities and it is essential that others can learn from your experience. In submitting your case study, we ask you to outline:

  • Context – a background on your city or region – who and where are you? what is your (brief) history?
  • Objectives – the aims of the project – what did you work to achieve, what were the challenges that you were looking to overcome or address?
  • Methodology – how did you do what you did?
  • Partners – who else was involved, how did you engage them?
  • Outcomes – what was achieved?
  • Lessons learned – what was the key learning from the project  – what would you suggest others do, what would you do differently if you did it again?
  • The Ten principles and SDGs – what broad global goals and principles were you advancing through your action?

Check out the first volume of ‘Cities for the Future’

Download ‘Cities for the Future’ as a reference for style and structure of content.

Submit your Interest

Please express your interest in publishing a case study. Direct enquiries to mim.kempson@citiesprogramme.org