We Are All Porto Alegre

We Are All Porto Alegre (Todos Somos Porto Alegre) comes from  a public policy developed by the Porto Alegre City Hall aimed at improving the incomes and lives of carters and cart pullers. The initiative prepares Human and Animal Traction Vehicle drivers (HTV and ATV) for alternative employment opportunities. Through a gradual reduction of the circulation of carts and trolleys in the capital, the program aims to increase income per capita and the improve the productivity of Garbage Sorting Units and the working conditions of the garbage collectors. This governance action, innovative in the city, was made possible by the joint efforts of various actors - government, private companies and civil society. The 'We are all Porto Alegre' Program works closely with the Sustainability and Citizenship networks of Porto Alegre in Chocolatão, Vila Santa Teresiñha and Vila Santo Andre in support of the recycling cooperatives and training for new livelihoods. There is also full portuguese language version of this book available in our resources.

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