Michael Nolan

International Secretariat Staff

Michael Nolan is the Director of the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme, leading the programme’s global direction, strategy, growth and partnerships.

Michael has a strong commitment and lengthy experience in building private and public sector collaboration to increase the liveability and resilience of cities and has shaped the programme’s flagship ‘City Partnerships Challenge’ initiative.

Michael has over 20 years’ experience in sustainability, climate adaptation and resilience for government and private sectors. Before joining the Cities Programme in 2015, Michael was Global Head of Sustainability and Climate Change with AECOM, global urban planning, infrastructure and environmental consultancy. In this role, Michael developed a Disaster Resilience Scorecard for cities for the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction in collaboration with IBM. He has extensive experience in sustainable infrastructure, climate change adaptation and resilience in Australia, the United States, Canada, China, India, Brazil, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Michael has led over 120 climate change impact, risk assessment, adaptation and resilience projects relating to ports, roads, rail, local government, water, flood management, power, mining, buildings, facilities, coasts, states and cities.

Michael represented the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia in developing the Australian Standard AS5334 Climate Change Adaptation for Settlements and Infrastructure. Michael is the Resilient Cities lead for the United Nations R!SE initiative focused on risk sensitive investment. Michael has also supported the development of strategy tools for the 100 Resilient Cities programme pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation.