Elizabeth Kath

Research Associate

Dr Elizabeth Kath is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at RMIT University. Her research interests include Latin American and Caribbean society, politics and culture (esp. Cuba and Brazil), public heath (esp. maternal-infant health), informal and second economies.

In 2010 Elizabeth published a book, Social Relations and the Cuban Health Miracle, based on her study of the social and political dimensions of Cuba’s public health system, specifically its Maternal-Infant Health Program. Elizabeth co-authored the health components of the GCI’s ‘Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Development’ project in Papua New Guinea and is currently embarking on a research project considering the concepts of social inclusion and reconciliation in relation to health service delivery in disadvantaged communities. Elizabeth is a co-director of Global Reconciliation.

Elizabeth supported the Global Compact Cities Programme research related to the resettlement of the Vila Chocolatão community in Porto Alegre, Brazil through conducting interviews with network members. Elizabeth is fluent in Spanish and highly proficient in Portuguese.