Joana Correia

International Secretariat Staff

Joana Correia is an Architect with over 7 years of broad ranging international professional architectural experience. Since completing her Bachelor in Architecture at Universidade de Lisboa in Portugal, Joana has held positions in both large and small architectural and engineering offices in South Africa, Mozambique and Portugal.

She has a Master of International Urban and Environmental Management from RMIT University which she focused on climate change adaptation/mitigation planning and sustainable development. The relation between the built environment and climate change and how design and participatory approaches may improve the resilience of communities and tackle environmental issues were the centre of her research throughout the masters.

Joana has a Research Associate position with the Cities Programme. In this role she has worked on the development of a community cohesion programme with local city councils to engage youth at neighbourhood level, fostering connectivity leaders for community resilience and mapping organisations and activities in cities in the Asia Pacific that focus on resilience, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, renewable energy programmes and sustainable development. Joana has also supported the development of the Bay Blueprint 2070, a regional climate adaptation plan for the 10 councils around Port Phillip Bay, designing and laying out the blueprint document.

Joana is keenly interested in the humanitarian sector, particularly regarding shelter and settlements and the integration of disaster risk reduction measures through more traditional and sustainable building practices. Recently she was selected to be an Emergency Shelter Coordinator with the Australian Red Cross.