21 Apr 2017
The Rotorua Way, Vision 2030

Joining the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme in 2015 as one of the first 19 cities to participate in the City Scan, Rotorua Lakes Council has since been driving leading-level initiatives. Located in the middle of New Zealand’s north islands, Rotorua took the data gathered from the diagnostic tool and developed their Vision 2030, “The Rotorua Way”.

In this interview, Mayor Steve Chadwick talks about how the local government leadership have become more future oriented through developing a new vision that promotes greater sustainable practice.

The City Scan identified Rotorua’s main challenges, which Mayor Chadwick notes are similar to semi rural cities across the world, including youth unemployment, domestic violence, inaccessibility to nutritious food, persistent poverty and inadequate housing. However, Rotorua is unique in that the local government partnered with the indigenous Te Arawa people to make positive impact within the city across economic, environment and social wellbeing.

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