Kristian Vaughn

Former Intern

Kristian Vaughn was the Inaugural Senator Herb Kohl-Global Compact Cities Programme Intern, which is based in Milwaukee in the USA. He commenced his internship in October 2013. Kristian was pursuing a Master of Arts in Urban Planning and Public Administration at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Kristian was based at the Milwaukee Water Council during his internship. His many duties included mapping and archiving the organisation’s history and producing a comprehensive report about Milwaukee’s development as an Innovating City with the Cities Programme.

Kristian is fluent in Spanish. He travelled to Cuba in January 2014 to study urban planning in Havana as it developed under the US embargo and will travel there again in 2015.

Kristian’s internship was overseen by Dean Amhaus, CEO of The Water Council and Cities Programme Global Advisor, in Milwaukee, and Elizabeth Ryan in Melbourne. His research was supervised by Professor Tony Dalton.

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