Regional Partner

Pan American Federation of Architects Associations (Federación Panamericana de Asociaciones de Arquitectos – FPAA)

The Pan American Federation of Architects Associations is a nonprofit organization which aims to unite Architectural organizations from all parts of North, South and Central America including the Caribbean across all racial, religious or political boundaries. The FPAA was started in 1950 in Montevideo, Uruguay which still continues to be the head office of the organization.

FPAA consists of representatives from 32 countries within the Americas and the Caribbean, and includes more than 600,000 architects that are influential in their relative fields. The executive committee is made up of elected representatives from governments, universities, NGOs and businesses from the region who are active in the field of architecture. These representatives are committed to the development of their cities together with the leadership of their governments.

FPAA and the Cities Programme signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Medellín, Colombia in April 2014 at the World Urban Forum. Through this agreement FPAA and the Cities Programme recognise shared objectives relating to improving the quality of urban life and that the complexity of challenges facing cities requires intersectoral collaboration across all spheres of urban life: the economic, ecological, political and cultural. The two organisations have committed in broad terms to jointly promoting and sharing resources, networks, methodologies and expertise, and to undertaking research and collaborative projects.