12 Dec 2014
The cities of South-East Malta collectively commit to putting the Principles in Action

Regjun Xlokk, which represents one third of Malta, recently made a dramatic entry into the United Nations Global Compact with the region’s 15 city councils unanimously committing the region to the Compact and its Ten Principles.

The South-East Regional Committee (SERC) includes the national capital of Valletta and is one of the 3 Maltese statistical regions, located on the main island of Malta. With time, this commitment will bring the number of city participants in Malta to 16. The cities of Valleta, Paola and Santa Lucija  made the commitment to the Global Compact in 2012. The other 13 councils are in the process of formalising their individual commitments.

After months of consultation and deliberations, the SERC has developed the South-East Regional Action Plan (SAP) which has innovatively incorporated  the Ten Principles. The SAP outlines the committee’s principles, mission, vision and proposed projects for the next five to ten years.

“The South-East Regional Committee (SERC) will try to gather all resources possible to: direct actions for better governance through better coordination, increased information and communication. The SERC will seek funds to sustain research and development to promote; development of a management tool and capacity building. SERC will also spur alliances with other regions, councils and stakeholders to secure the implementation of the UN Ten Principles.”

Additionally, the SAP outlines the local challenges facing the region over the next five to ten years which considers national priorities listed in the Operational Programmes for Malta.

As participants in a global initiative, the SAP also includes challenges of a global nature, such as climate change. The challenges have been categorised as the following:

  1. Congestion and Pollution
  2. Conservation and Development
  3. Housing and Rural Encroachment
  4. Climate Change
  5. Investment and Employment
  6. Governance and Management

These challenges will guide the projects developed by the SERC over the next five years.

Regjun Xlokk´s commitment is planned to extend into becoming an established Cities Programme regional secretariat. This will be the second for the Cities Programme, with the first being the Brazilian state of Paraná, with the formation of Aliança Paraná Sustentável in Brazil in 2012.

The SAP has a two pronged commitment as part of the South-East Regional Committee Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.  In line with the Ten Principles of the Global Compact the committee endeavours to succeed through ‘best practice’ in governance, management and cooperation with local businesses and entities. Secondly, the SAP promotes commitments by councillors and citizens of the region to make communities more sustainable and liveable.

Although the members recognize the challenges the committee faces in relation to funding, human resources and coordination, the region is committed to making the SAP an important step in the governance and development of the region. We warmly welcome Regjun Xlokk and its member councils.