Communication on Progress COP No.1

During the year 2015, the City of Durán through the Municipality (GAD MUNICIPAL DE DURÁN) assumed the challenge of joining the Global Compact, assuming the responsibility of implementing the 10 Principles and guaranteeing their promotion and application within the organization and the city. On a permanent basis, the Durán Municipality actively promotes the Sustainable Development Objectives, generating good practices that are already recognized at national and international level as a sign of this commitment to be sustainable, responsible and achieve a better development for our citizens. Represented by Eng. Alexandra Arce Plúas, as Mayoress; the entire institution assumed the challenge and commitment for implementation and implementation. With this first COP of Durán, we renew and maintain the commitment to be a city committed to the world Durán is an industrial city that is managed for the long term and to be more sustainable, equitable and inclusive.

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