Rotorua Communication on Engagement 2019
2018 Innovation Webinar: Building a Culture of Best Practice Around Water
Birigui Communication on Engagement 2018
City Partnerships Challenge Prospectus
The Sustainability and Citizenship Networks of Porto Alegre and story of Chocolatão
Workshop of the Sustainability and Citizenship Networks: Vila Santa Teresinha and Surroundings
“Housing and Homes” – community housing for homeless research
Project Jogo Limpo – Bairro Limpo
Porto Alegre Biannual Report 2017
Santa Luċija Action Plan & Environmental Programme 2012- 2020
Paraná Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals Project
Communication on Progress COP No.1
Bangkok in Melbourne: The BMA Urban Liveability and Resilience Program
Tigre COE Report
Webinar- Breakthrough Innovation for the SDG’s Platform
Research and Innovation for City Planning and Regeneration
Webinar – How to develop effective Horizon 2020 bids
San Francisco 2017 Innovating City CoE Report
Rotorua Leading City CoE Report 2017
Australian City Partnerships Prospectus
Enhancing the resilience of Honiara, Solomon Islands
Brazil 2016 Highlights Report
UN Global Compact – Cities Programme 2016 Highlights Report
Local Government Guide to Fostering Corporate Responsibility
Habitat III City Scan side event presentation
GIB Habitat III presentation
MAIS IDH Action Plan
Winning from Second
Resumo do projeto: Parque Agroindustrial de Base Tecnológica
Colombo Agroindustrial Technological Base Park
Todos Somos Porto Alegre
We Are All Porto Alegre
UN Global Compact’s Plenary Statement in the HIII Conference
Ethical Cities: Urban Innovation Forum summary report
Water Technology District Investment Analysis Report
Bangangté’s commitment to the Ten Principles
Urban Governance in Asia Pacific
Leading City Rotorua – Sustainable Living Strategy
Birigui’s commitment to the Ten Principles
Milwaukee Water Commons City Agenda 2016
Puerto Rican Cities Report 2015 – A Running Start
Participatory democracy and inclusion – Porto Alegre
Climate Change Adaptation for Tertiary Sector: Benchmarking Report
Maringá Leading Level City Report 2015-16
Economic Shock – Ekonomi Blong Yumi
Balancing the macro with the micro in Soweto – Orlando East and the challenges of building a local economy
Community gardening in Maringá
Social Inclusion, Citizenship and Housing – Porto Alegre, Brazil
Urban Thinkers Campus – Ethical Cities
Briefing Paper for “Ethical Cities – Locking in Liveability”
Social-Economic Development Peñalolén, Chile
Micro-business, economic development and equity – Querétaro, Mexico
Turkey striving for sustainability through ‘Women Friendly Cities’
Digital Social Inclusion – Bogota, Colombia
Food Security and Transformation – Medellin, Colombia
Milwaukee – innovative world water hub
Guide to the Global Compact for Local Governments
Sustainable Futures – Cape Town, South Africa
The Universal Forum of Cultures – Barcelona, Spain
Guide to Communicating on Engagement.
Cities for the Future
Participatory design for public urban spaces
Milwaukee Water Technology District Economic Investment Analysis
Not just a house – participatory approaches to housing and capacity building in Chile
Quito – a sustainable proposal from the middle of the world
Connecting technology, ethics and transparency in Pula
A comprehensive approach to urban agriculture in Pinhais
Social action for food and nutrition security in Paraná
Environmental management of the Municipality of Nuremberg
Democratizing, urbanizing and globalizing urban agriculture in the USA’s ‘Rust Belt’
Milwaukee’s ‘blue’ revolution
From innovation to sustainability in Milwaukee and Melbourne – urban aquaponics
Planning for biodiversity on the urban fringe – re-imagining the suburb
Revitalizing urban life and cultural heritage in Paola and Valletta
WaterCampus Leeuwarden – connecting water technology in Europe
Innovating and city building in Jamshedpur
World Vision is advancing just cities for children
Making arts central in a regional Australian community
Confronting growth challenges in Dubrovnik
Transforming Dubai into a ‘smart’ city
Urban agriculture systems – transforming the lives of people in informal settlements
Cape Town and its path to sustainability
REDCISUR – South America’s voice of the cities
Bogotá – mitigating and adapting to climate change
From Innovation to Sustainability: surviving five years as an urban aquaponics social enterprise
Guía del Pacto Mundial para Gobiernos Locales
Utility Debt Spiral Project Report