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Rosslyn Strategic Development Project


Rosslyn is a predominantly industrial area within the City of Tshwane that is home to many global manufacturers, including the BMW assembly plant. In recent years, the Tshwane Municipality has boosted investment in urban infrastructure to increase the accessibility and attraction of Tshwane to the business, government and community populations.

The Rosslyn Strategic Development project has been progressing in parallel with other municipal initiatives that share the same overall strategic vision. This project seeks to promote Rosslyn as a preferred business environment and a safe, secure place to work and reside by means of partnership between industry, government and the community.

The project’s strategy hoped  to steer the development of Rosslyn toward sustainable world-class industrial areas that benefit business and the people of Tshwane as a whole by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Alleviating poverty through job creation in the Rosslyn area;
  • Increasing private sector participation in formulating the Rosslyn Development Strategy; and
  • Improving public opinion regarding developments in Rosslyn.

The desired outcomes of the project included:

  • Raising the level of private sector and communities’ involvement in the Tshwane Municipality’s development initiatives;
  • Encouraging development opportunities for investment and job creation and industrial development for Tshwane; and
  • Making recommendations to local, provincial and national government on a ‘best practice model’ for public/private partnerships.

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