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Fòrum Permanente da Agenda 21 Local de Campo Mourào


The Permanent Forum of Local Agenda 21 of Campo Mourão is composed of various segments of society, created to propose, to monitor and to evaluate the implementation of public politics from the perspective of sustainability and sustainable development.

The goal of the Forum is that the city’s growth and activities’ development be guided by the principles of sustainability, reconciling economic development, social justice and environmental respect.

The current framework of Permanent Forum of Local Agenda 21 in Campo Mourão was set by Municipal Decree 3384/2005, enabling the participation of anyone in the community, as representative of government, organized civil society, or simply as individual representation.

Currently, 79 entities and individual representations make up the Permanent Forum, whose representatives meet monthly to discuss and propose solutions for local problems.

The forum has a board elected from among its members and an executive secretary in charge of proceeding with this forum referrals and coordinate the priorities actions.

Priorities of the Local Agenda 21 in Campo Mourão include:

1. Watershed protection program of the rio do Campo

  • Project monitoring water quality of the rio do Campo
  • Project of rehabilitation and maintenance of rural roads
  • Installation of community water supply for spraying machines
  • Restructuring of the storm drainage of the Piquirivaí district.

2. Project for rehabilitation of the Km 119 river (slum area of Village San Francisco de Assis)

  • Unemployment, isolation, cleaning and rehabilitation of the Km 119 river;
  • Evaluation of water quality of Km 119 river;
  • Awareness of the local community about the causes of degradation of the Km 119
  • Project of riparian reflorestation with the replacement of exotic by native species.

3. Protection Program of the Campo Mourão Savannah

  • Expropriation of 7-H Lot and the creation of Unit Conservation fully protected;
  • Current legislation revision regarding the protection of species of the Campo Mourão Savannah.

4. Management of solid waste

  • Development of technical project of public cleaning services;
  • Environmental education and citizenship at school: Agenda 21 Challenge

5. Agenda 21 of Children and Agenda 21 Challenge

  • Environmental education and citizenship project “Knowing the council that we have to build the city we want” in public and private schools of basic education of Campo Mourão.
  • Production of the primer “The history of the Campo Mourão told and illustrated by children”.

6. Cooperative Solidary Waste

  • Solidary Pruning and Economy Project of generating income from the recovery of waste from urban trees pruning.
  • Organization of the receiving of recyclable solid waste unit with low-income people.

The strengthening of democratic and participative management is one of the main goals of the Permanent Forum of Campo Mourão

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