Innovating project
Aliança Mato Grosso


Aliança Sustentável Mato Grosso is the Innovating initiative of the Brazilian State of  Mato Grosso. It is based on the state-wide cross-sectoral model that was initiated in the state of Paraná, Aliança Paraná Sustentável.

In August 2013, Governor Silval Barbosa da Cunha commited the State to this innovative initiative intent on using UNGCCP’s cross-sectoral model to address a range of challenges in one of Brazil’s most diverse states. He sees it as being a valuable method for establishing communication among central stakeholders, especially environmentalists, who advocate for the preservation of the state’s three biomes, as well as agricultural producers who seek for the expansion of their production. There is difficult task of ensuring the balance of interests are met; methods to ensure sustainable production practices are also essential. The state wishes to mitigate climate change, amongst other matters, a challenge with the burning of fields and solve issues and losses related to transport logistics.

The Regional Secretariat is being established.