Strategic Partners

The UN Global Compact – Cities Programme is a Lead Partner in the World Urban Campaign which is coordinated by UN-Habitat. We also collaborate with UN-Habitat in a number of other areas, including resilience, climate change and housing. We organise events within UN-Habitat international gatherings, such as the World Urban Forum and Habitat III.

The World Urban Campaign is an advocacy instrument within which partners decide on priorities to ensure maximum benefits of synchronising resources and expertise to advance the objective within the campaign framework. Partners work to promote sustainable development in all spheres of public policy and public and private investment within the World Urban Campaign framework.

As a member of the World Urban Campaign Steering Committee, the Cities Programme has committed to being an active player in relevant sub-committees and working groups for setting up policies, priorities and action areas. Through communication and outreach activities and co-branded annual events, the Cities Programme also facilitates information dissemination. We are represented on the GAP (the General Assembly of Partners) and post-Habitat III working groups.