24 Jun 2012
Brazil’s Paranà Sustainability Alliance launched at Rio+20

Inspired by the Earth Charter and aligned with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

An ambitious and leading new model for a state-wide approach to sustainability was launched at the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum.

The State Governor of Paranà, Beto Richa presented Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável – Our Sustainable Paraná Alliance – to the closing plenary of the UN Global Compact’s CS Forum, which includes a series of substantive UN Commitments.

One behalf of the Alliance members, Governador Richa committed to  “fair, inclusive sustainable development and a culture of peace in the 399 municipalities in Paraná”.

“Our Alliance is inspired by the Earth Charter and aligned with the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.”

The Alliance is being built from a solid base of collective assets. Leaders from the private sector, government and civil society in the Brasilian State of Paraná have committed to work on a regional and city-wide level to build a state which is sustainable across all domains – ecological, economic, political and cultural.

The establishment and development of the Alliance is being coordinated by a recently formed Regional Secretariat of the UN Global Compact Cities Programme. The Secretariat was formalised in May 2012.

Lead foundation members of Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável also presented the commitments and context of the Alliance in an hour and a half session of the Rio +20 CS FOrum on June 20.

Presenters included: Mounir Chaowiche, President, Housing Company of Paraná (also representing the State Governor of Paranà); Jorge Miguel Samek, General Brazilian Director, ITAIPU Binacional; Joel Krüger, President, Council of Engineers of Paraná-CREA-PR; Father José Aparecido Pinto (President, Social Action of Paraná; Lidia Mizote, Muncipilaty and City of Campo Mourão. Eduardo Manoel Araujo is leading the establishment of the Alliance and is In Country Convenor, Regional Secretariat. Professor Paul James, Director, Global Compact Cities Programme and RMIT Global Cities Research Institute chaired the session.

For more information see Governador Beta Richa’s speech
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State of Paranà UNGCCP Innovating project – Aliança Nosso Paraná Sustentável.

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