28 Mar 2014
Critical Issue of Sustainable Heritage Management – Malta Conference

Paola hosts International Conference

The Paola International Conference held on the 18-19 December 2013 in Malta targeted diverse aspects of historic cities, urban planning and heritage management. The conference was inaugurated by the Honourable Parliamentary Secretary for Culture and Local Government, Dr Jose Herrera and hosted by the Mayor of Paola Arch. Roderick Spiteri together with the European Walled Towns President, Mr Joseph Spiteri.

The opening speech by Professor Paul James, Director of the Global Compact Cities Programme presented assessments on seven cities of the Harbour area; Valletta, Floriana, Cospicua, Vittoriosa, Senglea, Kalkara and Paola. The cultural assessments by a Maltese task group focused on the seven perspectives of the fourth domain of the Circles of Sustainability. In his presentation, Professor Paul James underlined how these Maltese towns ranked high in identity and engagement, recreation and creativity and how research could enhance other areas as in the case of health and well-being, enquiry and learning. The local task group led by Dr Malcolm Borg, concentrated on integrated planning for regeneration and the consolidation of these pillars with tangible projects following the Global Compact principles. Dr Borg is also a Global Advisor to the Global Compact Cities Programme.

The conference attended by 40 international professionals and local experts was divided into six sessions and included presentations on cultural assessments on European Walled Towns. Presentations on the importance of funding research and development were delivered by two key speakers from the European Garden Heritage Network, Mr Christian Gruessen and the New Dutch Waterline, Mr Peter Ros.

Members of European Walled Towns  and the local councils of Paola and Valletta, all participants of Global Compact Cities Programme, showcased good practice projects funded through various EU programmes.


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