Martina Otten

International Secretariat Staff

Martina Otten is Senior Manager Operations at the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme.

She is responsible for managing the operations of the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme as an International Secretariat for the urban focus of the UN Global Compact.

Martina has over 15 years international experience, having worked in leadership roles across various operational functions in large and complex global organisations

Prior to joining the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme, Martina worked as Manager Global Relations at RMIT University, at the International Automotive Research Centre at Warwick University in the UK and at the car manufacturers Audi AG in Germany and Seat SA in Spain.

She is an expert on inter- and intra-organisational relationships, collaborations and partnerships. Martina speaks English, German, Dutch and Spanish and has a MSc in Organisational Psychology from Birkbeck, University of London